The Demon-Born Trilogy


In the beginning there were Men and Angels, two races living in peace, until the Halfling children drew the wrath of the Spirit Demons upon the Earth. A great blood debt was paid to appease the Spirits and henceforth the world of Man would be blind to all magic and all Halfblood children would be offered up in sacrifice…

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Book 1- The Shadow Children


Nothing stays hidden forever…

Eighteen year old Grace is Demon-Born, the forbidden child of an Angel and a Demon. Grace and her foster family have survived capture by living amongst humans, but the noose is tightening as the spell binding their magic begins to fail. When unexpected allies send Grace and her family crashing into the world of The Shadow Children, a secret society dedicated to protecting the hunted, she battles with her emerging powers and the electrifying tension between herself and the brooding Samuel Hayes.
Suddenly Grace finds herself at the center of a fight to save all of those she cares about, but it’s hard to know who to trust when everyone has the face of an angel.

The Shadow Children is Book 1 of The Demon-Born Trilogy, a fast paced YA Urban Fantasy Series, available here on or here on 🙂


Book 2– The Shadow City

The dark is closing in…

It’s been a year since Grace’s world was ripped asunder. The Shadow Children are fighting a losing battle to rescue the Halfborn from the Silent Homes. When the Spirit Demons begin to attack the Angel communities, Grace and the Shadow Children are faced with an impossible decision— battle on alone and risk losing everything, or place their trust in the people who have hunted them for centuries.

With Sam by her side, Grace must negotiate her way through the secrets and lies that pave the roads of the Shadow City.

When it feels like she has everything to lose, what is there for her to gain?

The Shadow City is the second book in L.C. Hibbett’s captivating Urban Fantasy series. Available HERE.

Book 3- The Shadow War

This world will burn…

The Shadow Children’s greatest enemies have been unmasked, and the stakes are far higher than Grace had ever feared. With her friends imprisoned and the Circle determined to annihilate the Human race, Grace must and The Shadow Children must prepare for war.

The is only one way to break The Circle, are Grace and Sam strong enough to make the sacrifice?

The Shadow War is the heart-stopping instalment in L.C. Hibbett’s riveting Urban Fantasy. Available HERE.

The Poison Courts Saga 

A collection of standalone novels set in the same universe as the Wicked Witch series, the Poison Courts Saga are Paranormal Fantasy Fairy Tale retellings with an Urban Fantasy attitude and a Reverse Harem twist!

Beauty’s Beasts (Book 1)

Urban Fantasy. Twisted Fairy tale. Reverse Harem. 

Beauty is a beast.

Since Izzy was discharged from active duty, her life has fallen apart. She’s lost almost everything she cared about; her research, her friends, her mom. So when one of the local mobs takes her father captive, she’ll stop at nothing to free him, even if that means taking on the mysterious men of Blackwood Forest single-handed.

But when Izzy enters the lair of the beasts, she discovers Alexander Blackwood and his men aren’t what she expected and for the first time since she got home, Izzy can feel the blood pumping in her veins.

The new men in her life are hiding something from her, and Izzy won’t rest until she strips Blackwood and his men bare!

The Wicked Witch Series

Wicked Witch

Destiny isn’t a good witch. She cheats, she lies, and she dances on the dead. But Destiny has a secret, and it might just change everything…

Wicked Witch is a short prequel to the Wicked Witch series, LC Hibbett’s series about witches, Celtic mythology, magic, and mayhem.

Available to buy on amazon or download FREE for LC’s readers HERE

Wicked Destiny


That’s how everybody described Destiny O’Neill. Trouble wrapped up in a smart-assed bow. The first black witch born to the Celtic gods in a thousand years, Destiny’s tongue was as poisonous as her magic and her parties were the stuff of legend. Until two stripes on a pregnancy test changed everything.

Now all Destiny wants is a normal life. She wants to pass her exams, graduate university, and look after the only people that matter in her life–her daughter and her aunt. She doesn’t want to hear about the magical police division and how much good her skills could do. She’s sorry about those missing kids on the news but it’s not her problem.

All Destiny needs to do is get past her twenty-first birthday without using her powers, then she will be safe to join the ranks of the free witches and escape The Family for once and for all.

No problem. Until the boy with the blue eyes crosses her path again…

Fans of bad-assed witches, intriguing warlocks, paranormal detectives, and fast-paced action will loved this mesmerizing new paranormal fantasy series from L.C. Hibbett. Available October 2017

The Cursed (Book 1)

Hell hath no fury…

Dee Moore hates being the center of attention, so when her father falls prey to a mysterious illness and she’s sent to live with a grandmother she’s never met, it’s just about the worst news she could get. It’s hard to fade into the background on an island the size of a football field—especially when your grandma is the island’s crazy lady.

Stony beaches, incessant storms, and three of the rudest guys on the face of the earth living next door—Dee should be miserable on Inis Dubh, but something about the island has a hold on her. And when her neighbor vanishes without a trace, Dee and her neighbor’s infuriatingly handsome sons find themselves drawn into a web of secrets and lies that stretches back into ancient history.

But what does ancient history want with them? And why does Dee feel like she’s playing a game she’s played before?

Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.

*The Cursed is the first novel in a reverse harem paranormal fantasy series that pays homage to Irish mythology and Gothic romance.* Available Late 2017